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With nearly 20 years of experience, Vérité understands exactly what it takes to develop and manage successful digital marketing campaigns. Even better, we make that knowledge and expertise available directly to you through an innovative family of SaaS based products. With Vérité solutions you can:

Manage Your Content

Manage and control your corporate website with the Vérité Management System®. Take control of your content and your content strategy. Update web copy, pictures, documents, downloads, navigation and more. Our content management solution turns website management into an easy task allowing for constant change to your responsive web design.

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Focus on Sales Enablement

Vérité solutions offer focused content management design that allows you to quickly generate launch kits, sales kits and training awareness. Imagine always having your latest product imagery, logos, fonts, as well as sales, training, and marketing collateral available to vendors and partners – all without duplicating a single asset. Vérité Collaborate means finally getting a return on the investment you make into your corporate collateral.

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Deploy Effective Training

The Vérité Testing System® is perfect for testing and certifying anyone who needs a solid understanding of your company's products and services - from employees to partners to customers. For test takers, it means instant satisfaction and immediate scoring and downloadable certificates. For administrators, it means complete control via an easy-to-use SaaS solution.

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Vérité CertManager®

Our powerful tools interface directly with your existing certification clearinghouse to provide complete administrative control over your company's certificates of accreditation. The tool pulls your certification program data and generates a PDF certificate using your brand, the student's name, the name of the certification and the date, and emails the final certificate directly to the student.

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Manage Flawless Events

Vérité cloud solutions drive the way to making the most of your next big event, conference, or training session. Our online Vérité Registration System® incorporates a customizable front-end for your customers, along with a live self-serve database packaged in an easy-to-use back-end administrative interface. Used by Fortune 500s worldwide, our solution is easily customized to fit your objectives.

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Engage Your Customer

The Vérité Newsletter solutions are designed to take the hassle out of creating compelling newsletters for your internal and external markets. Our easy tools allow you to be in the driver's seat so that you can create newsletters by compiling articles from many different authors, publish an effective newsletter, easily blast the email and receive metrics, all from one easy-to-use interface.

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Vérité Commerce System®

The Vérité Commerce System® (VCS) is where browsers become buyers. It's your complete hosted, licensed, and branded solution for secure ecommerce web store capability and point-of-sale terminals. Robust with features like associated product links, easy update capabilities, and real-time sales reports - key features that make sure you know what customers want and what they buy.

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"Make life easy for the client," is our objective. You will have your very own dedicated Project Manager who follows a proven methodology to quickly and efficiently deliver your project. Once in your hands, you can rest assured we'll be here with our award winning customer support.


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