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The Vérité Management System (VMS®) is a licensed, hosted solution that simplifies content management.  It turns website management into a task anyone can do with an easy to use backend interface.  What used to require an expensive IT Staff and several days (if you’re lucky) can now be completed by anyone with basic computer skills in minutes.  You simply adjust the content on your site without changing code.  If you can edit a word document, then you can manage your site with Vérité’s Content Management System.


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  • VMS Web Page Wizard: This is the heart of the system. This wizard allows you to administer both location and content of web pages without using any HTML tags.
  • Hosting: Website hosting and domain registration is set up and managed.
  • VMS Media Manager: You can administer all types of media (images, word docs, PDFs, etc…). Permissions can be set on specific media to limit where users can place it on the site.
  • VMS Permission Controls: You can give access to specific areas of the site to be controlled by subject manager experts.
  • RSS Feeds: Now you can promote online community involvement with RSS feeds. This feature allows visitors to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from your site.
  • News Center: You can upload news articles, PDFs, press releases, and images, or just post a URL to another site with the news article on it. It’s easy to keep up-to-date on your company’s most recent information.


  • User Friendly: The VMS backend is a simple field based wizard that walks you through the full-page creation.
  • SEO Friendly: Let the VMS do your SEO work for you by building search engine friendly page URLs, apply on-page SEO friendly metadata such as descriptions, page titles, and dynamically build a site map that includes all content automatically.
  • Take Control: You can control the “who” and “when” of your website by setting permissions to allow specific people access to certain areas of the site.
  • Tailored to Fit You: The website design is custom and all about your branding.
  • No Technical Knowledge Required: Our support team is ready to assist your more technical needs in a friendly manner with a quick turnaround.
  • Site Performance: You will receive monthly and quarterly site metric reports, which are crucial in understanding your website’s performance.
  • Return on Investment: Once your VMS is up and running, your cost for maintenance will decrease because you no longer require special skills to maintain the site.

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