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Vérité and Agile  Methodology

Let’s face it, the old development process can be cumbersome and time consuming. Agile is a way to do things faster with less documentation, but with more participation from the client. Vérité’s approach to Agile Development allows for quicker completion of features and enhancements to provide high-quality software and web applications. The Agile approach provides flexibility for both the client and Vérité as changes to features are welcomed during development. As a client, you will know the set hours per week that Vérité will work on your project, which in turn gives you a better cost estimate and makes production easier to budget.

Candidates for Agile Development

As we have worked on numerous projects over the years, we find Agile development is best suited for larger websites and complex applications. Examples include Vérité Registration System®, Vérité Commerce System, mobile applications, and projects requiring integration with 3rd party systems such as Salesforce or Eloqua.


Agile development provides many benefits. It promotes open collaboration and transparency between the client, project management and the developer which allows for optimum flexibility, visibility and customer satisfaction. The over processed model of big project requirement documentation, documentation reviews, change management, etc is removed giving us more time to focus on production. Agile development creates a better overall experience as the entire team is empowered to make decisions which ultimately results in a better product.

Often times, even the most thought-out and clearly defined project experiences change. Being Agile means that quick decisions are made when roadblocks or new issues arise and the features can be reprioritized to accommodate. For this to work, the daily stand up meetings are imperative so that all parties involved can decide what is best for the end product.

The only thing that is fixed in Agile development is the time frame or sprint. A sprint is a collection of features that are scheduled anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks. By prioritizing a bundle of features in a sprint, it allows new features to be delivered and pushed to production quicker than waiting for an entire project to be completed.

The fixed timescale approach makes the cost of each sprint predictable. Our clients find it much easier to budget when they already know the amount to work around. Knowing the cost of a feature can also help in prioritizing.

When the client, project management and developers all come together with the goal of creating the best product for the end-user, everyone wins. This becomes even more possible by using Agile development. At Vérité, we feel that projects are completed in a timelier manner and are of better quality compared to using traditional, over-processed methods.