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Help Desk

Vérité Support – Finding Answers and Solutions Fast

At Vérité, Help Desk best practices matter. Our Help Desk solutions offer:

  • A quick point of contact for tracking and fixing of bugs, implementing existing page changes, problem escalation and resolution
  • Effective ticket and incident management
  • Best Practices 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level support

A Single Point of Contact

There are two ways to contact the Vérité Help Desk, pick up the phone and call us toll free at 1-800-368-3487, or email us at

Regardless of how you contact us, the first thing we’ll do is generate a ticket number. This will track and manage your Help Desk request.

Your ticket number will include:

  • Help Desk representative contact information
  • A descriptive overview of the Help Desk request
  • Initial Help Desk identification – bugs, issues, incidents
  • Site address, page information etc.
  • Follow up actions, notes and service level determination
  • Date/Time

Effective Ticketing and 3 Support Levels

Vérité offers three levels of support, two within the Help Desk and a third option working with your Vérité Business Development Professional.

1st Level Support – The responsibility of 1st level support is to ticket and classify bugs, issues and easy to fix incidents. These issues can be handled at the Help Desk and do not involve developer support.

1st level support also processes your ticket and keeps you informed about the status.

2nd Level Support – The role of 2nd level support is to support incidents that cannot be solved quickly and involve developer diagnosis and resolution.

2nd level support continues tracking your ticket and keeps you informed about the plan and resolution timeline.

3rd Level Support - Not everyone contacting the Help Desk has a 1st level support page update, or easy-to-fix bug. Often what you really need is the best advice and consultation on a potential enhancement or other web solutions. 3rd Level Support closes the help desk ticket and assures a cost effective way to keep Help Desk inquiry expenses down, while getting you immediately in contact with your Business Development Professional.

It’s a win-win.

72 hours is a normal turn around time for most tickets, however some can take longer. We always do our best to give you an accurate time frame and will follow up with you regularly on 1st and 2nd level Help Desk support.

What Will You be Charged?

Once you’ve contacted us and a ticket is generated, we’ll give you an idea of the type of incident that is being classified: bug, update, issue etc. Ticket tasks will be billed and will involve:

  • Diagnostics and Research
  • Clarification of Incidents
  • Resolution – Plan, Programming, Deployment & Testing

All tickets will be an hourly rate of $150.00 per hour*

*Incidents requiring less than 60 minutes will be charged at the hour rate.

Billings will occur bi-monthly, however we accept credit cards for quicker payment or we can invoice you, whichever is preferable.

Vérité also offers monthly support and maintenance plans for your convenience. Be sure to discuss this with your Business Development Professional Ben or Gillian

We realize that our Help Desk services are critical to your success. Our central tracking and ticketing process allows for a responsive solution that gets you back to business as usual.

Thanks for choosing Vérité for your site and support partner.