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Responsive Design

Why is Having a Mobile Website Important? 

With a growing number of smart phone users browsing the Internet, it is crucial that your customers get a great and consistent experience on mobile and on desktop.

Statistics are proving that more and more people are going mobile. In 2012, comScore reported there are 127.6 million mobile users in the U.S. and 108 million users in Europe consumed mobile media through their mobile browser or application in 2011, which is about a 30% increase over 2010. These users expect to find information quickly on your site and if they can’t, expect 61% of these visitors to leave your site (Google Mobile Ads Blog) and find business elsewhere. This will also cause your bounce rate to increase, causing your site to fall lower and lower on search results.

Approaches to Viewing Content

There are two main approaches to viewing content on multiple devices; creating a mobile site and creating a responsive site.

A mobile site has its own content source which allows the content delivered to be pared down and only deliver the most useful information quickly. The mobile site complements the main desktop site thus requiring in essence two sites to be developed and maintained.

A responsive site uses the same content source on all devices. The site will automatically deliver the website content in a browser specific layout depending on the size of the screen. This means your customer will get a full, rich experience on their large monitor and a simpler, mobile-adapted layout on their smaller, lower-resolution mobile or tablet screen. The style design will change as the browser gets smaller to handle the full site content.
Content Source
  • Only one update needs to be made to all website files.
  • The style code will handle the layout on all devices.
  • It will take strategic thinking to ensure the correct content is front and center.
  • Multiple content sources where the mobile content can be tailored.
  • If a lot of your site’s traffic comes from mobile it is wise to have a mobile specific site to ensure users can quickly and easily find what they need.
Initial Cost and Maintenance
  • Initial cost and maintenance is less due to only one content source.
  • Styles in the programming cover most all devices due to browser size.
  • It is more expensive up-front as multiple site are being created.
  • As new technology emerges there will be more need to update code based on specific devices.
  • Uses the same URL as the desktop site thus preserves the integrity of the domain in the eyes of search ranking.
  • All pages use the same URL across all devices.
  • Has its own domain which requires a redirect to ensure Google follows correctly. If configured wrong can hurt any search engine optimization.
  • Pages on the mobile site may not map back to pages on the desktop causing confusion to visitor and search engines.
  • Responsive will give a better return as there is only one code base to maintain.
  • Time is saved along with resource load to maintain the site.
  • Mobile sites require a lot of upkeep in order to stay current with the ever changing technology, thus using additional resources and time.


We Choose Responsive Design

Websites designed by Vérité use responsive design.

Our customers get more ROI on a single content source with multiple layouts. This allows our customers the agility to handle new devices and new resolutions as they come to market.

We want to ensure that your customer has the most optimized experience on their desktop, tablet and mobile phones. We have found that for the vast majority of our clients a responsive site is the right fit.

What We've Done

Take a moment to view a few sites for yourself. Adjust the size of the browser to make it as wide as your smart phone screen. You’ll see the website styles change to fit the size of the browser.

Make Sure Your Site is Responsive

Let us help to make certain your mobile presence is as strong as your desktop web experience. 
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